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Imagine that you could Increase

your Turnover by 50%. Sounds Complicated? It's Real.


Improve your Turnover Turns by more than 20%

Reduce missed Sales down to 5%

Provide only Selling Products

Reduce unprofitable Products several times over

Real numbers from PharmaMS

Goods Turnover in Warehouses:

Common practice - 30-60 days
PharmaMS - 3-30 days


Common practice - 85-95%
PharmaMS - 95-97%

Goods Turnover in window-type Pharmacies:

Common practice - 25-35 days
PharmaMS - 13-25 days


Common practice - 80-95%
PharmaMS - 95-99%

Goods Turnover in open-space Pharmacies:

Common practice - 35-60 days
PharmaMS - 25-35 days


Common practice - 80-95%
PharmaMS - 95-99%

Having PharmaMS solutions - means:

1. Increasing your turnover

2. Raising sales.

PharmaMS can help you to Become a Leader in the Market!

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