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  • An effective solution for managing the pharmaceutical business:
    • control center
    • increased sales and service maintenance
    • inventory optimization

High Competition?

Low Profits and Low Turnover?

Inaccurate Forecasts?

Same merchandise as your rivals or even worse?

Lost sales due to stockouts?

If these questions relate to your business, we can help you.

Inventory turns

Expensive Credits?

Not Enough Funds to Develop Your Network?

Limited working capital?

Running out of Space in Warehouses?


- provides a solutions that can increase your inventory turns (8-13 days in plants, 13 to 25 days in pharmacies)

Shortage of Wanted Products

In Case of a Shortage in the Market, is Your Retail Chain the First one to Run out of the Product?

Missed sales percentage is over 5% at BOP?


- helps to become a leader in product availability.

- helps to reduce the percentage of missed sales.


Up to 80% of Goods Bring less than 10% of Profit?

The Average Number of Rows in the Check is not High?

The Average Number of Checks per Day is not High?

Customers go to your competitors because desired products are not available in your pharmacy?


- an Automated Assortment Management System.

Analysis of the Current and a New Business Environment.

Create a Test Environment and Demonstre the Potential to Improve.

Team training. Achieving Results in less Time...

Help to Determine the Strategy and Implementing Tactics to Become a Leader.

Our results


pharmacy chains integrated


up to 99% availaibility perfomance

8 days

up to 8 days inventory turns


pharmacies connected to the system

"PharmaMS changed the method of doing business" Viktor Putvinskis. Pharmacy chain "Camelia"

Our clients

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