Can I enroll in your courses if I have a busy schedule and can only dedicate a few hours per week

Yes, you can still enroll in our courses even if you have a busy schedule and can only dedicate a few hours per week. Many online courses are designed to ...
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The Best Plan You Need to Be Using for Marijuana News Unveiled

The Best Plan You Need to Be Using for Marijuana News Unveiled If you're against using Cannabis as you do not need to smoke you're misinformed. As there is barely ...
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UAB „Inherent Simplicity Baltic“ 2019  m. liepos mėn. pradėjo įgyvendinti projektą „UAB Inherent Simplicity Baltic eksporto plėtra“. Pagrindinis projekto tikslas – naujų užsienio eksporto rinkų paieška ir esamų rinkų plėtra, ...
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Three waves syndrome. Third wave

Price descent and vaccines. During the third wave the orders kept on coming. The huge stock of PPE’s reached the consumers, but the demand has become smaller. High stock levels ...
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Three waves syndrome. Second wave

„Panic buying“ and scammers. After a few months have passed, the second wave of the pandemic hit the world. Due to the rising “Panic buying” syndrome, supply chains had a ...
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Three waves syndrome. First wave

The COVID-19 pandemic and its effects on the supply chain. Challenges that the health care systems face. Three waves syndrome. Even though the COVID-19 pandemic that shook the whole world ...
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How to boost pharmacy inventory management efficiency?

Inventory control - challenging burden in pharmaceutical business An efficient inventory control system has to resolve contradictory demands and it can be challenging to implement. While inventory represents the largest ...
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  • Our control centre works from small companies to large corporations. We ensure that in more than 95% of cases, everything is in autopilot. It is also easy to mange and have very powerful levers and we can very quickly identify the most problematic areas.
  • Stock management-wise, we make sure that your stock is optimised and that your popular products are always available. Oh, did we tell you we can work with the current ERP systems? You don’t have to worry about changing anything.
  • As for assortment management, we offer the most profitable positions, we manage the whole bin, we remove slowly sold positions, and most importantly, we work 24/7 automatically. Welcome to the new era!
  • With our production management, we use dynamic and unified system of priorities in production, end-to-end system of priorities from raw materials and materials warehouses, to finished products in distributor’s warehouse; also, we do capacity planning and accurate delivery dates for customers. Sounds great? It is!
  • Last by definitely not least, there is the improvement of process. We identify the current limitations, then we help determine a strategy, and then we continue by helping you implementing the tactics.
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