About us

We use a different Method to make Forecasts than most Companies do

  • 95% of Companies on the Market use the Min/Max, “Point of Order”, or Manual Control Forecasting Methodology, which Leads to Inadequate Inventories Levels.
  • When a Product is Unavailable for a Long Time, it is Impossible to Predict its Sales.
  • The Greater the Difference between Min/Max is, the Greater the Inventory Stock and the Lower the Turnover.
  • Less Popular Goods can sit in the Storehouse for more than 3 Months.

Surplus Adequacy System

  • Surplus adequacy is the Driving Force behind PharmaSM Solutions.
  • The principle of Aircraft Control at a Given Height Operation.
  • Ensuring Product Availability at the Right Time.

Control Center

  • Easy to manage and very Powerful Levers.
  • Autopilot in more than 95% of Cases.
  • Quickly Identify the Most Problematic Areas.

Stock Management

  • Optimized stock.
  • Popular Products are Always Available.
  • PharmaMS Solutions work with the Current ERP Systems.

Assortment Management

  • Offer most Profitable Positions.
  • Manage the Whole Bin.
  • Remove Slowly Sold Positions.
  • Work 24/7 Automatically.

Production Management

  • Dynamic and Unified System of Priorities in Production.
  • End-to-end System of Priorities from Raw Materials and Materials Warehouses, to Finished Products in Distributor’s Warehouse.
  • Capacity Planning and Accurate Delivery Dates for Customers.

Improvement of Process

  • Identification of Current Limitations.
  • Help Determining the Strategy.
  • Help Implementing the Tactics.

Who We Are

We are believers, most of all. We believe that companies should work efficiently, methodically, and with the minimum number of obstacles.

We believe that we can help you create a better future for your company, where you can move forward without having to ignore problems, but by finding their root and by dealing with them at the right time and with the correct predicaments for the future ones.

We are a team of self-motivated people who work responsibly and with the highest ambitions.

We believe in you, in your company. All we ask is that you believe in us too.

Our Timeline

Our company started its long journey back in 2005, with our first projects being factories and distributors. That helped us expand our current knowledge of distribution networks and manufacturing plants.

Our first pharmaceutical network client joined us in 2007 and it contained 8 pharmacies. We have come a long way since then! In 2012, we created a separate pharmaceutical branch in our company, in order to share our expertise and make our clients leaders in the market.

Our focus now is pharmaceutical business. We work in many different countries, and we have successful projects in Russia, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Ukraine, and Moldova, among others.

Who We Are Not

We are not the ones who will tell you that you have a problem just so we can seem useful. If we see that your company doesn’t need us, we will let you know straight away.

We are not the ones who will push you to go to a direction you don’t feel comfortable going. We know the risks and we know the advantages of each of our moves, and we will teach you how to understand them yourself.

We are not the ones that will delay, just so you can believe we are working harder than we are. We believe in fast results, in truthful communication, and in ‘clean’ deals.

Join Us

Are you looking to work with a team that is hectic, chaotic, and will always push you to give more? Then don’t come knocking on our door.

Our team is efficient and knows how to handle difficult projects, our team is calm but fast pacing, our team is, simply, a dream team. If you want to be part of it, then please, do come knocking on our door, or send us an email, call us, send a homing pigeon, send us smoke signals, whatever you prefer. We’ll be sure to come back to you (and send you back your pigeon). 

Are you ready to see your business through 4D glasses?

Contact PharmaMS and Make an Order

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