Our software is just like magic, only instead of spells, we use science. Don’t worry, you will still get the same results as if asking a fairy godmother your wish – your company will transform into a blossoming business that will take the lead in the market.

Want to know what our software-magic wand can do more specifically?

  • Dynamic Pharmacy Policies
  • Calculating Initial Stock Levels
  • Entering and Exiting Seasons
  • Priority System
  • Smart Inventory Decrease
  • Smart Allocation Assortment Increase
  • Smart Return to Warehouse
  • Redistribution Between Pharmacies
  • Closing Pharmacy
  • Discount Module
  • Supply Chain Monitoring
  • Providing Stability On Chain Levels
  • Daily Monitoring & Focusing Reports
  • Assortment Reports
  • Top and Tail Products

“What does it all mean?”, you might ask.
Don’t worry, we got you.

By releasing frozen money, we reduce stock. That has a financial improvement of at least 20%. Also, by increasing your sales, you have again that magical 20% AT LEAST of financial improvement. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, our software can actually do that. Just try it and you will see for yourselves.

Tryout / Demo

We don’t want you to spend money for something you neither know nor trust – yet (because you will trust us in the future, that’s a promise!). This is the reason why we offer our pilots that are available for you to order anytime you decide you are ready to take the next step in making your company be the best that it can be.

But don’t think that by ordering the pilot you have to commit to anything. For individual pharmacies, you get our demo, where you can even control it alone through the cloud and we don’t have to be involved if you don’t wish us to. For pharmacy chains, you get the pilot, where you will have three to six months to decide how amazing we are, at a minimal cost.

Are you ready to see your business through 4D glasses?

Contact PharmaMS and Make an Order

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